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Black Bear Spawn EggGrizzly Bear Spawn Egg
Health points

25Heart.svg × 12.5 to 50Heart.svg × 25


Passive/neutral/hostile (wild)
Passive (tamed)

Attack strength

2Heart.svg to 12Heart.svg × 6


Solid surfaced blocks with a minimum of two block spaces above them.


See Drops

Common drops
Usable items






Hurt & Death

Internal ID


Namespaced ID

blackbear, grizzlybear, pandabear, wildpolarbear

Bears are tamable mobs that come with several variants.

black bear[]

Natural generation[]

Grizzly bears, black bears and pandas spawn on grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more with at least 2 block space above. Polar bears spawn in ice plains, ice mountains, and ice spikes biomes. They often spawn in groups of 4 of their own species during world generation. Bear cubs will occasionally spawn with adults.


When killed, bears will drop:

  • 0–2 Hide (can be increased by 1 per level of Looting, for a maximum of 0-5 with Looting III)
  • 1–3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.
  • Saddle if equipped
  • Chest + contents if equipped


Bears wander around aimlessly, roaring occasionally. Black bears and grizzly bears have similar behavior to rats in the way they attack; at day, or in high light levels, grizzly bears and black bears are neutral, but once they get into light levels of 7 or less, or if provoked, they will become hostile towards the player. Polar bears are always aggressive, and will attack the player on sight.

Pandas are the only passive type of bear, and will not react when hit. Wild black bears, grizzly bears and polar bears will stand up on their hind legs occasionally, especially when a player is near. Pandas will sit instead of standing upright.

Grizzly bears, polar bears and black bears will attack other mobs (with the exception of big cats and other bears); most of which includes cows, sheep, rabbits, foxes and turkeys. Bear cubs are passive, and will not attack if provoked.

Like other baby mobs, cubs will follow adult bears, even tamed ones.


A tamed grizzly bear equipped with a saddle and chest.

A bear can be tamed by giving a cub any type of meat, both cooked or raw (they don't get food poisoning from consumption of raw meat). Pandas can be tamed by feeding them sugar canes. When the naming screen appears, the bear has been tamed.

Tamed bears can be healed with any meat, and can be renamed with a medallion, book or name tag. Tamed bears can be made to sit with a whip, and will not move until the whip is used again. They can also be made to follow the player with a lead, even wild ones.


Feeding tamed bears any meat together in an enclosed space will make them breed. The offspring will grow progressively larger with time until they reach their full size. The naming screen will also appear as soon as the offspring is produced, and, once named, will be tamed to the player. If the bear is born and the player isn't nearby once the naming screen appears, the bear will become wild.

The breeding pair needs to be kept away from other bears, and also need to be kept close in order to breed, therefore it is recommended to place them in a fenced area.


The four natural types of bears.

There are four types of bears; black bears, polar bears, pandas, and grizzly bears. Polar bears are the largest bear, followed by grizzlies and black bears, with pandas being the smallest.



Tamed bears can wear either normal or crafted saddles. Once a bear is tamed and saddled, the player can control it with the same controls that apply to other rideable mobs. The player can dismount with the sneak key.

A ridden bear will automatically run up any one block high slope. They are however, much slower in comparison with ridden big cats and manticores, but they can be combined with speed potions.


If a bear has been given a chest, it will acquire 18 inventory slots. The chest can be accessed with sneak and use.

Chests can be given to a bear with a right-click, and afterwards the chest cannot be removed except by killing the carrier, placing the bear in a pet amulet, or by using shears.




- Bears can now be tamed by giving meats to cubs.

- Bears can now be ridden and given chests.

- Split bears into separate entities.

v8.0.0 DEVa[]

- Added bear attack animation.


- Fixed bounding box of bears.

v5.2.0 DEV[]

- Bears will check spawning surroundings, if within 12 blocks of sugar canes, it will become a panda.

If the biome where the bear is spawning has the word bamboo in its name, it will also be a panda.


- Bears no longer remain sitting for so long.


- Changed bear models.


- Bears no longer spawn within 8 blocks of torches.


- Fixed bug with bears' snouts.


- Fixed bug with snouts being off 1 pixel when rotating head in bears.


- Fixed bug with bears not attacking livestock.


- Reduced spawn rate of bears.


- Bears won't attack lions, but they will attack any other mobs.

- Reduced bear spawn rate to 1/3.


  • For some reason, approaching a grizzly bear or black bear with cubs will not attack you, though real life female bears will attack people if they approach or try to harm their cubs.
  • A panda's diet in real life mostly consists of bamboo, and don't really eat meat.
  • Unlike polar bears in-game, actual polar bears will not attack people on sight. They will usually only attack if they are hungry or threatened.