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Big Cat
Health points

25Heart.svg × 12.5 to 40Heart.svg × 20


Neutral/hostile (wild)
Passive (tamed)

Attack strength

3Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg to 11Heart.svg × 5.5


Solid surfaced blocks with a minimum of two block spaces above them.


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Cub idle

Cub hurt

Cub death

Internal ID


Namespaced ID

metro-goldwyn-mayer, shera films, a black panther production, golden flims,

Big cats are tamable mobs that come with many variants found in the Overworld.


Natural generation[]

Big cats spawn on grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more in groups of up to 4. Some cats only spawn in certain biomes: leopards spawn in jungles, forests and forest variants; lions, panthers and tigers spawn in plains and forests; and snow leopards spawn in cold biomes. Lions and tigers also spawn more frequently than panthers. There is a 1/20 chance for a white lion, white lioness or white tiger to spawn.

Special variants of big cats, such as hybrids, ghost big cats and winged big cats never spawn naturally, and can only be created by breeding or with the use of essences.

Big cats often spawn in groups of 4 of their own species during world generation. Cubs occasionally spawn with adults.


Big cats will drop:

  • 0–2 Big Cat Claws
  • 1–3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.
  • 1 Medallion if tamed
  • 1 Saddle if saddled
  • 1 Chest + contents if equipped


A tamed tiger sitting.

Big cats wander around aimlessly, occasionally opening their mouths to emit roars and growls and swishing their tails.

Big cats are very aggressive, and will sprint and chase down their prey, this can range from mobs as small as ants, to as large as deer, including the player. If a big cat is attacked by another mob, it will fight back. Like bears, big cats will attack other mobs when hungry. Once a big cat has made a kill, it will remain neutral for a period of time until it gets hungry again. Tamed big cats won't attack each other or other mobs, unless another mob attacks them first.

Wild big cats will become aggressive and attack the player if a whip is used a near it.


To tame a big cat, drop raw porkchops or raw fish next to a wild cub. This will not work on adolescent cubs. When the cub has eaten the meat, use a medallion on the cub. After doing so, the naming screen will appear.

To rename a big cat, right-click on it with a medallion, book, or name tag. Big cats can be healed by feeding them raw porkchops or raw fish. It will take at least 20 minutes (about one Minecraft day) or more for a cub to grow into an adult. Smaller types of big cats take less time to grow compared to bigger species like lions or tigers.


A lion and tiger in love mode.

Feeding tamed big cats raw fish, raw porkchops, raw beef or raw rabbit together in an enclosed space will activate love mode. They can either be fed it or it can be dropped next to them. After being fed and paired together, love hearts will show around the breeding pair, and after around 5–10 minutes, a cub (either the same type as one of the parents or a hybrid) will be produced and the naming screen will appear. The offspring will grow progressively larger with time until they reach their full size. The naming screen will also appear as soon as the cub is born, and, once named, will be tamed to the player.

  • Breeding two lions, panthers, tigers, leopards, and snow leopards will produce a big cat cub of the same species as the parents.
  • Breeding a species of big cat with another species will produce a combination of the two parents, and the offspring will have a unique coat. See the variations section for more details.

Unlike horses, the breeding pair does not need to be kept away from other big cats, but they do need to be kept close in order to breed, therefore it is recommended to place them in an enclosed space so they can't escape. Winged big cats, ghosts and hybrids are sterile and cannot be bred, and snow leopards, white lions and white lionesses cannot breed with other big cat species.

White lions and white tigers can't be obtained from breeding the two normal variants. To successfully breed a white lion or tiger, you will need to tame the white lion or tiger in the wild, then find a normal or white variant of the same species. Note that the offspring can still be a normal variant if one of the parents is also a normal species.


Big cats are one of the fastest, if not the fastest mountable mobs in Mo' Creatures. Winged big cats can be used to travel far distances without the use for elytra, as well as provide support for sniping hostile mobs from above.

Big cats can be made to sit by either right-clicking on the ground or on the big cat with a whip. When stationary, they will not move. You can toggle between them sitting and moving around by right-clicking the ground or the big cat with a whip again. A player cannot mount a saddled big cat whilst holding a whip (or any other item that requires the use of right-click).


A fully grown, tamed big cat can be equipped with a normal or crafted saddle. Once saddled, the player can control it.

A ridden big cat can run very fast. Winged big cats also fly relatively fast, and are much faster than a pegasus or fairy horse, as well as minecarts. They can also be combined with speed potions. The player can make the ridden big cat jump with the jump control, get off with the dismount control, and descend on a winged big cat with the descendcontrol.


If a tamed, fully grown big cat has been given a chest, it will gain 18 inventory slots. The chest can be accessed by sneaking and then right-clicking on it.

Chests can be given to a big cat with right-click, and afterwards the chest cannot be removed, except by killing the big cat, placing the big cat in a pet amulet, or with shears. Upon death, the big cat will drop the attached chest and its contents.


There are nine big cats that spawn naturally in the Overworld, but many more big cats can be obtained with the use of essences and breeding.

There are approximately 21 species of big cats.


Lions are the only big cat species that are separated by gender. Lions are from a logo called Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Lion coloration is usually orange-brown, with the exception of white lions. The underparts are generally lighter and the tail tuft is black. One of the most distinctive features about lions is that male lions have a large mane, while lionesses lack manes. The way to tell the difference between a male and a lioness cub is by looking at their neck; male cubs have small black manes, however, it is not possible to to tell the difference between a male and female white lion cub until they are fully grown.

It is possible to breed white lions with normal lions. The same also goes for tigers.

An essence of light can be used on a tamed male lion or white lion to give them wings so that they can fly.


One of the most recognisable species, tigers have a pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside. White tigers can be given wings with an essence of light to create a white winged tiger.


Panthers are small big cats with orange or yellowish eyes, and are covered in a black coat. They are not actually a different species, but are in fact black variants of leopards (much like real life panthers). An essence of darkness can be used on a panther to create a winged panther. Winged panthers share the same wing textures as black manticores and bat horses.


Leopards are small big cats covered in spots. Unlike most big cats, leopards cannot be given wings.

Snow leopards have a whiter coat, and spawn in snow biomes.

Ghost big cats[]

Ghost big cats have a chance of spawning when a tamed big cat has been killed. They are transparent and float on the ground.

Ghost big cats are sterile, and cannot breed with other big cats.


Hybrids are the offspring of two big cats of different species. Most, if not all hybrid big cats vary in size, and also have unique markings.


Leogers are a cross between a tiger and a leopard, made by breeding a tiger and leopard together.


Liards are the result of breeding a male lion with a leopard. They are about the same size as a lioness, and slightly smaller than a male lion.


Ligers are the largest type of big cat, and are 1.3 times the size of a lion. They are made by breeding a male lion with a tiger. Like lions, ligers can be given wings with an essence of light.


Lithers are the cross between a male lion and a panther. They are mostly black but have yellowish-brown paws and underside.


Panthards are small big cats obtained by breeding a leopard and a panther. They look like panthers, but with barely visible yellowish markings.


Panthgers are the offspring of a panther and a tiger. They look almost exactly like panthers, but are about the same size as a tiger and have black stripes.

Old models[]

Prior to v8.1.0, big cats had different models.🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶




- Fixed ghost big cats not being able to be stored in ghost amulets.


- Fixed hybrid big cats and pet amulet bug.

- Tamed ligers can obtain wings by receiving an essence of light.


- Big cats move faster.

- Hybrid big cats are now separate entities.

- Fixed bug with inventories of big cats.


- Fixed bug where ghost big cats will revert to normal cats after reloading game.

- Fixed bug where amulets will disappear from tamed big cats.

- Tigers and leopards now show chests.

- Added more big cat hybrids (thanks to Cybercat5555): leoger (between leopard and tiger), pangther (between panther and tiger), liard (between male lion and leopard) and lither (between panther and male lion).


- Big cat overhaul, split the big cats into their own categories: lions, tigers, panthers, leopards.

- Big cat can be tamed by giving pork or raw fish to a cub.

- Big cats can mate by giving them pork or raw fish and keeping them in an enclosed space.

- White lions and white tigers are a rare spawn with a 1/20 chance.

- Ligers are obtained by breeding a male lion with a tiger.

- There is a hybrid between panther and regular leopards.

- Giving a dark essence to a panther gives it wings.

- Giving a light essence to a male lion, white male lion or liger will give it wings.

- There are ghost versions of the big cats that can be obtained randomly when a tamed big cat dies.

- Winged big cats, ghost big cats, hybrid big cats and manticore pets are sterile (they can't breed).

v6.0.0 DEV R5[]

- Fixed attributes given to sub-types of creatures (i.e. different big cat speeds).

v5.2.0 DEV[]

- Big cats now check surrounding big cats and will try to spawn the same species.

- Big cats won't attack players on creative mode.


- Tamed big cats will drop medallions on death.


- Fixed big cat sizes, health, attack and attackrange features.


- Fixed bug that prevented big cat cubs from being tamed.


- Fixed bug with big cats attacking unrelentlessly.


- Fixed bug with lions not attacking livestock.


- Reduced spawn rate of lions.


- Added option to heal big cats by giving them rawfish or rawpork.

- Fixed bug where big cats will have their health reset every time the game loads.


- Fixed bug with big cats not finding targets.


- Changed name tag height in the big cats to improve its visibility.


- You can change the name of tamed big cats by using a medallion or a book.


- Tamed big cats can now be given a name. To set or change a name, right click on the animal while holding a medallion. To toggle individual name displays on/off, right click on the animal while holding any pickaxe.


- To tame a big cat, you will have to throw pork or fish near a small cub and then put a medallion on it.

- Tamed big cats will no longer fight between themselves.

- Tamed big cats will not destroy drops.

- Added sitting stance for big cats.

- Added a way to identify tamed cats with the medallion.

- Added different sounds for big cat cubs.

- Added whip to control big cats:

- Big cats will stay put when a whip is used near them (within 12 blocks). Also if you right click on a tamed big cat, you can toggle them between moving and staying.


- Fixed bug with snouts being off 1 pixel when rotating head in big cats.

- Added several new big cats: tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards, panthers.

- Heavy modifications to the big cats' AI.

- Female lions and tigers will always attack the player if within range. Male lions, panthers and cheetahs will some times attack the player.

- Wild cubs will seldomly spawn. If you throw raw pork or raw fish near a small cub, you will tame it and it won't despawn or attack you. Once it grows to adult size, it will fight mobs. Cubs will attack any other animal smaller than themselves. Bigger (almost adult) cubs won't be tamed.

- Big cats will attack only when hungry. They will also eat raw pork or raw fish when hungry. Once they eat or kill a prey, they'll stop being hungry for a while.

- Big cats of different breeds will fight amongst them.

- Big cats will drop big cat claws when killed. There is no use for that item yet.


- Increased attack range of lionesses.

- Lionesses are now more aggressive than lions.


- Added female lions.

- Male lions will not attack female lions.

- Female lions are less aggressive towards the player.


- Lions wont hunt in peaceful difficulty.


- Major changes to A.I:

- Lions will now attack other animals, including other lions and bears.


- Reduced the attack range of the lion in Hard difficulty from 16 to 6, and in Normal difficulty from 6 to 4

- Decreased lion spawn rate to 1/3.


  • Big cats replaced the lions that were part of the initial release for the Mo' Creatures mod.
  • All big cat species make the same sounds as lions.