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dec: 4134 hex: 1026 bin: 1000000100110

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This one places the blocks contained in the inventory belt, at the farthest cube seen in the view reticle. Building with this hammer is quite nice.

The builder hammer is a tool that can be used to place blocks from a distance.


Currently, there is no way to obtain the builder hammer without going into creative mode or with inventory editors. However, it is planned to be added as a boss drop from one of the three ogre bosses in the Ogre Lair.

The hammer cannot be crafted. It also does not spawn in any naturally generated chests (such as those found in abandoned mineshafts or villages).


The builder hammer can place almost any block at a range much further than the player can normally place, from any distance away up to the farthest block that can be seen (100 blocks or more). The block it places is the first block in your inventory hotbar. To place a block with it, use the hammer anywhere desired.


There are certain limits to where the player can place blocks. For example, a block cannot be placed inside a non-solid block (such as fluids) underwater, or if the player is in lava. If the player attempts to do so, the block will be placed on top of the non-solid block.

If the player has stained glass or stained glass panes in their inventory, the hammer will place the default color stained glass when used, which is white instead of the color the player chose (such as red or blue stained glass).

Plant and mushroom blocks can be placed in any light level, even though mushrooms need light levels of 12 or less to be placed normally. However, if mushrooms are placed next to flowers or any other non-solid block, they will disappear after the block has been updated.

In survival and adventure mode,, the builder hammer has limited durability, and each use of the hammer will consume its durability up by one use per block placed. It does, however, have an extremely high durability, allowing the player to use it for a very long time.



v5.1.0a DEV[]

- Added builder hammer.


An unused texture for the builder hammer.

  • An unused texture for the builder hammer can be found in the mod files.
    • This texture is actually a retextured pwnhammer from Terraria.
  • The hammer emits green particles when used, but the particles don't appear in all mod versions.
  • The builder hammer has the highest durability of any item in Mo' Creatures or Minecraft, even higher than that of diamond equipment (except for Netherite tools).
  • Despite having the appearance of a warhammer, the builder hammer cannot be used as a weapon, as it only deals 1Half Heart.svg damage, the same as the player's fists.