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Bunnies (or Rabbits) are small tamable mobs.


Natural generation[]

Bunnies spawn on grass and Wyvern Lair grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more, with at least 2 block space above. They often spawn in groups of 4 during world generation.

Bunnies always spawn white in taiga, cold taiga, ice mountains or ice plains biomes.


Bunnies come in five different colors: brown, white, grey, black, or spotted (white with black spots).


Bunnies do not drop anything when killed.


Bunnies are passive mobs, and will not attack you if you provoke them. They hop around aimlessly instead of walking, avoid cliffs high enough to cause damage, and usually stay out of water.

Bunnies are 'shy' mobs, and will flee from the player when approached. Bunnies don't usually make sounds, but emit a loud shriek when you hit them.


A bunny can be tamed by simply right-clicking on one. This will result in the bunny being placed on top of your head, and the naming window to pop up. Once named, the bunny will become tamed.

Bunnies can be renamed with a book, medallion or name tag. They can be healed by feeding them carrots, and can also be leashed.

Picking up[]

When right-clicked on, a tamed bunny will go onto your head. The bunny can be taken off with shift. Right-clicking will stop them from performing actions (including opening doors, crafting, or anything else that requires right-clicking). With a bunny on the player's head, any mob the player is riding on (such as a horse) will receive a massive speed boost, making it almost impossible to control it.


A baby black and white bunny alongside its parent.

Bunnies can be bred by feeding them golden carrots.

The bunnies have to be at full health for them to be able to breed. As bunnies have a tendency to move around constantly, it is recommended to enclose them together in a small fenced area.

The colour of the baby bunny is always random and it is not determined by the color of the parents. Baby rabbits take 3-5 days to mature.

Prior to v6.2.1, bunnies could be bred by placing two tamed bunnies of any color nearby in an open space or enclosure. They would then breed, spawning several new bunnies. As they reproduced quite rapidly, Bunny breeding programs had to be kept track of to reduce game lag or overflow. Typically, bunny litters would be around 3-12 baby bunnies.




- Fixed client crash when mounting bunny.


- Bunnies can be tamed again.


- Bunnies now require golden carrots in order to breed.


- Bunnies no longer breed in the wild. In order to breed a bunny, players need to feed it a carrot at full health.

6.2.0 DEVR3[]

- Added new config option 'bunnyBreedThreshold' which controls how many bunnies there can be in a world before bunnies stop breeding.


- Changed bunny textures and added a new spotted bunny.


- Bunnies follow players holding carrots.


- Removed insta-bunny killer while holding a sword.


- Bunnies will become tamed again after lifting them. They will start breeding again. Beware of bunny overpopulation!


- You can now kill the bunny pests by right-clicking on any bunny while holding any sword.


- Fixed bug with promiscuous bunnies. The Great bunny Castration has begun. You can insta-kill all the bunnies in your world by using a whip on a post sign. It will display the body count.


- Fixed bugs with bunnies not jumping in archs or not breeding. - If you pick up a bunny it will be tamed and won't despawn.


- Bunnies now have different furs.


- Bunnies are ready.


- Added bunnies.


- Added bunny (courtesy of KodaichiZero).


  • Bunnies are one of the few mobs that are immune to fall damage.
  • It is possible for a bunny to hop into and suffocate in upside-down stair blocks.