For older versions of the mod, see Old Versions.

This page covers the latest versions of Mo' Creatures. It will be updated when a new version of Mo' Creatures has been released.




- Added offhand support for all moc items.

- Fixed ostrich not storing helmet data when equipped.

- Fixed feeding goat milk replacing empty bucket stacks.

- Fixed mouse not being picked up as intended.

- Fixed client crash when mounting bunny.

- Fixed ant dupe.

- Fixed NPE when setting owner UUID for amulet.

- Fixed leads on tamed creatures.


- Fixed inability to open chested pets with mounts.

- Fixed fishnets not working for some aquatics.

- Fixed rendering on client when an entity rides a player.

- Added missing AT for biomeName and underlyingIntegerMap

- Temporarily disabled jellyfish glowing effect until player transparency is resolved.


- Fixed pet and horse amulets not spawning creatures.

- Fixed fishnets not spawning creatures.

- Fixed various mounting de-sync issues.

- Fixed various interact issues.

- Fixed ownership not being respected with some passives.


- Updated all recipes to new json system.

- Added eggs and kitty beds to creative tab.

- Removed wyvern staff portal if mending or unbreaking enchantment is detected.

- Prevented all enchantments on wyvern staff portal.


- Fixed PolarBears not spawning from amulets.

- Fixed MoCBlockBush storing wrong data in creative tab.

- Moved entity registration to Forge's EntityEntry event.


- Update to 1.12.1.

- Fixed baby animals not maturing fully.

- Fixed ghost big cats not being able to be stored in ghost amulets.

- Fixed kitty emote icons not being displayed.

- Fixed small and medium fish not hatching.

- Fixed horse breeding.

- Fixed /mocpets command.

- Fixed various issues with ownership.

- Fixed various issues with mounted chests.


- Fixed bug when equipping MoCreatures armour on multiplayer.

- Fixed PetScorpion taming bug.


- Fixed crashing bug when hitting werewolves with a tool.

- Another attempt to fix aquatic animals crashing bugs.


- Fixed hybrid bigCats and pet amulet bug.

- Animals can be tamed by riding them again.

- Fixed jellyfish crashing bug.

- Fixed bug that made wyverns revert back to mother wyvern.

- Exorcised aquatic animals crashing bugs.

- Tamed ligers can obtain wings by receiving an essence of light.


- Another attempt to fix game crashing bug with Aquatic animals getIsTamed / getPetName.


- Positively fixed game crashing bug on aquatic animals. Or not?

- Fixed game crashing bug with aquatic.getPetName function.

- Fixed tiny creatures appearing with the summon command.


- Fixed game crashing bug when ents were planting flowers.

- Fixed game crashing bug with MoCPetNames.

- Fixed game crashing bug with PetAmulets.

- Fixed MoCreatures tab name.

- Fixed mammoth platform name.

- Bunnies can be tamed again.

- Small creatures can be picked up again.

- Fixed light blue kitty bed icon.

- Fixed amulets and fish nets.

- BigCats move faster.

- fixed bug with inventories of BigCats, horses.

- Fixed bug with entities moving sideways.

- Fixed duplicating item bug when using item on off hand.

- Fixed animation bug with aquatic entities receiving damage.

- Bears can now be tamed by giving meats to cubs.

- Bears can now be ridden and given chests.

- Split bears into separate entities.

- Split ogres into separate entities.

- Medium fish were split into separate entities.

- Small fish were split into separate entities.

- Hybrid big cats are now separate entities.

- Sorted eggs.


- Updated for Minecraft 1.10.2.

- Beta release.

v8.1.3 and v8.2.2

- Tamed animals will no longer attack the player.

- Tamed bears can be commanded to sit with the whip.

- Fixed invisible kitty beds.

v8.1.2 and v8.2.1

- Fixed bug where ghost big cats will revert to normal cats after reloading game.

- Fixed bug where amulets will disappear from tamed big cats.

- Fixed bug with wyvern lair spawnings (the default mocreatures and customspawner .cfg files need to be erased for the fix to take place).

- Tigers and leopards now show chests.

- Added more big cat hybrids (thanks to Cybercat5555): Leoger (between leopard and tiger), panthger (between panther and tiger), liard (between male lion and leopard) and lither (between panther and male lion).


- Big cat overhaul, split the big cats into their own categories: lions, tigers, panthers, leopards.

- Added manticores.

- Split stingrays and manta rays.

- Big cats can be tamed by giving pork or raw fish to a cub.

- Big cats can mate by giving them pork or raw fish and keeping them in an enclosed space.

- White lions and white tigers are a rare spawn with a 1/20 chance.

- Ligers are obtained by breeding a male lion with a Tiger.

- There is a hybrid between panther and regular leopards.

-Giving a dark essence to a panther gives it wings.

- Giving a light essence to a male lion, white male lion or liger will give it wings.

- Manticores are a new mob, red manticores are found in the Nether, blue manticores in snowy biomes and dark and green manticores elsewhere.

- Manticores can drop an egg, that can be hatched to obtain a pet manticore. Pet manticores can be ridden once they turn into adults.

- There are ghost versions of the big cats that can be obtained randomly when a tamed big cat dies.

- Winged big cats, ghost big cats, hybrid big cats and manticore pets are sterile (they can't breed).


- Removed fish bowls.

- Fixed kitty bed icons and behavior.

- Synchronized flying horse wing flapping animations and sounds.

- Cleaned up some of the code.

- Fixed Komodo dragon animations.

- Fixed server code.

v8.0.0 DEVa

- Werewolves will receive higher damage from items / weapons with 'silver' in the unlocalized name or name of the material. They won't receive extra damage from gold weapons.

- Werewolves won't complain as much when transforming from human to werewolf form.

- Improved werewolves moving speed when hunched.

- Improved dolphin riding code.

- Turtle swimming animation improved.

- Piranhas move as a herd and attack differently.

- Deer will jump when fleeing from entities.

- Horses can also get ready to breed by feeding them a golden carrot.

- Turtles / bunnies will not receive damage when riding a player.

- Updated ogre attack animations

- Improved mini golem / golem throwing stone accuracy.

- Added three more crab textures.

- Foxes now spawn cubs that follow adults and flee from players.

- Improved maggot animation.

- Improved ant food picking behavior.

- Added female turkeys.

- Ents now plant all the flower varieties.

- Added bear attack animation.

- Decreased frequency of goat bleats.

- Wraiths do not collide with entities, added attack animation.

- Skeletons, silver skeletons and zombies can now ride scorpions and wild wolves as well as mob horses.

- MoCreature inventories can be opened by interacting with the creature while sneaking (right click while pressing shift). The MoCreatures 'keys' are no longer obtained by adding a chest to a creature and the crafting recipe was removed.

- Improved elephant animations.

- Synchronized wyvern wing flapping animations / sounds. The wing flap depending on the flight speed when ridden.

- Added transform animation to wyverns.

- Changed wyvern speed, health, attack damage so the 2nd tier wyverns are significantly better.

- Shark teeth can now be converted into bone meal.

- Fixed weapon damage and enchanteability.

- Added pet scorpion sitting behavior / animation.

- Added transform animation to scorpions.

- Pet scorpion health boosted to 40 (from 18).

- Added wyvern ghosts.

- increased horse health, horse speed.

- Tamed zebras shuffle again.

- The nightmare burning effect last less than before.


- Fixed client crash when using fish net on water animals.

- Fixed ostriches not laying eggs.

- Fixed zebra shuffle sound.

- Fixed pet deaths not always being removed from pet list.

- Fixed horse amulet glitch if a player's inventory became filled during vanish animation.

- Fixed dolphin upset sound.

- Fixed incorrect pet positions being stored in map data.

- Added configurable egg drop chance for ostriches.

- Added some missing egg drop command options in /moc help.

- Bunnies now require golden carrots in order to breed.

- Female ostriches now require a melon seed in order to have the ability to lay a single egg. Only untamed female ostriches can lay eggs with a male ostrich close by.


- Updated for MC 1.7.10.

v6.2.1 hotfix1

- Fixed Komodo dragons not leaving pet amulets.

- Fixed ostrich eggs not hatching.

- Fixed moctp error when entering no paramaters.


- Female ostriches eggs are no longer sterile. Players must now pick up the eggs in order to hatch them.

- Bunnies no longer breed in the wild. In order to breed a bunny, you need to feed it a carrot at full health.

- Fixed wyverns not laying eggs.

- Fixed pet amulet glitch with mcMMO.

- Fixed pet amulet glitch with name tags.

- Fixed ray growth glitch.

- Fixed golem duplicate glitch.

- Fixed bug where golems would not collect blocks on flat surfaces.

- Fixed wyverns, small fish, and medium fish not dropping the correct egg type.

- Fixed possible client crash when ents attacked tamed animals.

- Added new server '/mocspawn' admin command which allows you to spawn any type of horse or wyvern instantly

- This command should help server admins replace pets that go missing.

Valid horse types:

Tier 1:1-5

Tier 2: 6-9

Tier 3: 11-13

Tier 4: 16-17

Special: 21-28, 30, 32, 36, 38-40, 48-61, 65-67

Valid wyvern types:

Normal: 1-4, 6-12

Mother: 5

An example of spawning a zorse would be:

/mocspawn horse 61

An example of spawning a mother wyvern would be:

/mocspawn wyvern 5

v6.2.0 DEVR3

- Reworked Network messages to support latest Forge.

- Fixed many unnecessary packets being sent to all players in dimension.

- Fixed medallions being used when unable to tame animal.

- Fixed packet leak when naming an animal.

- Fixed pet amulets going empty when no pet spawns.

- Fixed fish eggs not hatching when placed in water.

- Fixed fish dupe with fishbowls.

- Fixed red fish eggs appearing as ''.

- Fixed scorpion eggs checking for more than 5 types.

- Added ability to name baby dolphins after bred.

- Added new config option 'ostrichEggThreshold' which controls how many ostriches there

can be in world before ostriches can no longer lay eggs.

- Added new config option 'bunnyBreedThreshold' which controls how many bunnies there can be

in world before bunnies stop breeding.

- Added location for egg hatch notifications.

v6.2.0 DEVR2

- Fixed flying key not being able to be held.

- Fixed many characters not being entered properly when trying to name a pet.

- Fixed Komodo dragons not spawning from pet amulets.

- Fixed Komodo dragon pet names showing up too high.

- Refactored some canspawn check code.

v6.2.0 DEVR1 hotfix 3

- Fixed new wyvern egg types not hatching.

- Fixed tamed scorpions not spawning from pet amulets.

- Added 'PetScorpion' to en_US lang file.

v6.2.0 DEVR1 hotfix 2

- Fixed bitty bed and fish bowl crash.

v6.2.0 DEVR1 hotfix 1

- Fixed client crash when taming.

v6.2.0 DEVR1

- Updated to MC 1.7.2.

v6.1.0 release

- Fixed canspawn.

- Fixed ostrich/wyvern flying.

- Fixed various sounds.

- Fixed mocreatures spawning in unintended biomes.

- Fixed enablehunters option not working properly when disabled.

- Fixed creative tab.

v6.1.0 DEVR1b

- Fixed ogre explosion NPE with TNT.

- Added item ids to config.

v6.1.0 DEVR1a

- Fixed creatures invading other biome dimensions such as TF. Creatures will now dynamically be added to biomes from ONLY BiomesOPlenty, BWG, Highlands, ExtraBiomesXL, and Minecraft. Wipe configs so the new changes take effect.

- Fixed canspawn not functioning.

v6.1.0 DEVR1

- Added new creature 'mole'.

- Added new creature 'ent'.

- Added BiomeDictionary compatibility.

- Added BlockBreakEvent compatibility.

- Added en_US lang file support. Should fix name issues on servers.

- Added new personal command '/moctp petid' used for teleporting your own pets.

- Added new personal command '/mocpets page' used for listing all pets you own.

- Added new canspawn command to help assist with enable/disable of entity spawns.

- Added enableHunters option to control whether or not hostile mobs attack other creatures or not.

- Added new wyvern textures.

- Fixed dupe exploit with big golems.

- Fixed pet amulets on servers.

- Fixed pet amulets not working with kittens.

- Fixed fairy horse breeding.

- Fixed client-side heart animation lasting longer than normal when taming a creature.

- Fixed debug logging showing up during startup.

- Fixed chunk command not being set properly in configs.

- Fixed canspawn not functioning properly.

- Fixed ducks taking fall damage.

- Fixed various bugs with commands.

- Fixed golems picking up bedrock.

- Fixed scorpion poison crash with non-living entities.

- Fixed tp command not teleporting pets in unloaded chunks.

- Fixed 'shuffling' sound with jukeboxes.

- Fixed ray taming with fishnet.

- Fixed inability to stay mounted on water creatures when tamed.

- Changed taming requirements by forcing a name to be set for pet.

- Removed all CMS reliant code from MoCreatures which means it can now be run without CMS.

- GuiAPI has been integrated into Mo' Creatures and has been modified to support Forge configuration.

Note: If you have GuiAPI installed, remove it as this may cause issues.

- Creatures will no longer despawn by default to be more compatible with vanilla. If despawner is enabled, it will force despawns on all creatures including vanilla for a more dynamic experience when exploring your world.

Note: if you experience issues with farm animals despawning, adjust despawn min/max lightlevels.

If despawner if disabled, all passive mobs will not despawn to prevent other creatures from taking over.

Note: If CMS is installed and you want mocreatures to despawn, make sure despawner is enabled.


- Release version.

v6.0.0 DEV R6

- Fixed health was set to 20.

- Fixed crashing bug when disabling customMobSpawner.

v6.0.0 DEV R5

- Fixed null pointer exception caused by attacking mobs while riding mounts.

- Fixed birds, certain insects and deer not being afraid of the player.

- Fixed textures of blocks used by golems.

- Fixed wraiths and deer not moving.

- Fixed attributes given to subtypes of creatures (i.e. different big cat speeds).

- Some improvements on mount/riding code.

v6.0.0 DEV R4

- Fixed crash when interacting with creatures with no item in hand.

v6.0.0 DEV R3

- Fixed ostrich crash.

- Fixed migrated pet amulets containing horses not spawning correctly in 1.6.

Note: You will need to remigrate any pet amulet that contained a horse back to 1.6.

- Fixed horse jumping bug showing damage animation.

- Changed pet amulet to be stored into the player's inventory rather than dropping to the floor after capturing a pet.

- Name tags can now be used to change pet names.

v6.0.0 DEV R2

- Fixed golem crash.

- Fixed crashes related to EntityLiving.

v6.0.0 DEV R1

- Updated for Minecraft 1.6.2.

- Mo'Creatures horses renamed as wild horses.

- MoCreatures spawn only as tier 2 horses. Tier 2 Mo'Creatures horses can inbreed with Vanilla Horses to obtain tier3 and rarer horses (keeping the old breeding rules).

- Removed old rope code.

- Name tags are now used to rename MoCreature pets.

- Removed horse armors, using the 'new' Minecraft horse armors instead.

- Removed rope, replaced it with the new Minecraft lead.

- Removed Donkeys from Mo'Creatures. 

v5.2.5 DEV R2

- Added support to /killall for other mod tamed entities such as Thaumcraft's golems.

Note: /killall will no longer kill these entities as long as the "Owner" string is found in NBT with a valid name.

- Added lightLevel support for /killall.

- Added new 'killallUseLightLevel' config option to control whether or not killall should check lightlevels for creatures and ambients.

- Added new 'killallVillagers' config option to control whether or not killall should affect villagers.

- Added spawn event for worldgen spawning.

- Added BWG4 mod check to prevent biomegroups from being generated if not installed.

- Fixed canSpawn checks.

- Fixed pet teleport not checking all dimensions.

- Fixed '/moc list tamed' not working for offline players.

- Fixed '/moc tamedcount' command.

- Fixed PetId not starting at 0 for each owner.

- Fixed /killall command not checking all dimensions.

- Fixed bosses being killed with the /killall command.

- Fixed NPE when spawning eggs.

- Fixed CMS bug in isValidLightLevel check

- Fixed scorpions spawning during day.

- Fixed config folder being generated in the mods folder.

v5.2.5 DEV R1

- Added brand new tamed pet saving system that uses global world storage. This new system will automatically populate data of existing and newly tamed pets for use with our new tracking/teleport system.

- Added pet super amulet to facilitate transition to MoCreatures v.6

- Added name, type, owner to mouseover of new Pet Amulets.

- Added class name to amulet mouseover window.

- Added '/moc killall' command which kills all entities in loaded chunks ignoring tamed vanilla and Mo' Creatures mobs.

Note: This new command will kill all entities in loaded chunks of all dimensions.

- Added '/moc killall tamed playername' command which kills all tamed mocreatures in loaded chunks of given player.

Note: This new command will kill all loaded tamed animals of player that are found in every dimension. It will not kill pets that are in unloaded chunks.

- Added '/moc killall modtag|entityname' command which kills all entities of given type ignoring tamed.

- Added '/moc tp petname playername' command to transport any entity known by our new storage system to the player.

Note: This will only work with previous tamed entities if they have were loaded with this update.

- Improved '/moc list tamed' command which will now display Type, Name, Owner, Location, Dimension of all tamed entities in loaded chunks.

- Fixed imbalanced spawning with CMS/Vanilla by copying vanilla entries to CMS at game start. Note: This fixes the issue where 1 type of entity could appear overrun rest such as Thaumcraft's Angry Zombie.

- Fixed bug preventing player ops from interacting or doing damage to pets they did not own.

- Fixed wyverns getting stuck under the wyvern lair. They will now kill themselves if they end up falling under the world.

- Removed ownership tamedcount player.dat saving since it is no longer needed. Ownership system will now count the tamed pets in the new storage system.


- Fixed big golem not being added to CMS after world load.

- Fixed CMS despawner not checking for EntityMooshroom.

- Fixed possible NPE with birds.

- Fixed BOP nether biomes not being generated in MoCBiomeGroups.cfg.

- Fixed GL post render error with jellyfish. Note: this currently removes transparency.

- Fixed possible client/server sync issue with GlobalEntityRegistration. To enable fix, you will need to enable the new config option "useGlobalEntityRegistration" in MoCGlobal.cfg.

Note: Enabling this option will remove all existing tamed animals for existing worlds. Only use this if you are experiencing issues.

This should fix issues such as invisible animals or datawatcher crashes.

- Added new config option "enforceMaxSpawnLimits".

Note: enforceMaxSpawnLimits controls whether or not CMS should stop spawning when limits for a specific entity type has been reached.


- Added support for Better World Generation 4.

- Fixed Biomes O' Plenty spawning issues with latest versions.

- Fixed golem block duping with mobgriefing set to false.

- Fixed file seperator issues when attempting to update player dat files offline.

- Fixed crash when adding biome groups to default groups.

- Fixed biomes not being added after a mismatch.

- Fixed a potential world creation ChunkProviderServer crash with WorldProviderWyvernEnd.

- Fixed issue with automatic mod mapping generation creating "net.cfg" for certain mods which would break spawning.

Note: If you have issues with spawning, open up MoCGlobal.cfg and delete the following line under mod-mappings if it exists "S:net NET:net.cfg>".


- Fixed mount dupe when a player disconnected while riding an animal.

- Fixed an issue with config not properly being synced during world load.

- Fixed GUI option being duped after loading world.

- Fixed cave spiders not spawning by default.

- Fixed bounding box of bears, turkeys and werewolves.

- Hard coded certain spawn conditions: Pandas will spawn in jungles, zebras in Savhanna and regular horses in plains.

v5.2.1 DEV

- Fixed CustomMobSpawner crash with getBlockLightValue.

- Fixed wyvern crash in singleplayer.

- Fixed tamed animals being duped when reloading chunks.

- Fixed /moc min and max commands.

- removed keepVanillaOnlyWithLight config option.

- Made WorldProviderWyvernEnd inherit from WorldProviderSurface. This should fix client-side lag issues in the wyvern lair.

v5.2.0b DEV

- Fixed issue with ocelots still spawning on vanilla side when using CMS.

v5.2.0a DEV

- Fixed crash when accessing Butterfly in GUI.

- Fixed crash when accessing Ozelot in GUI.

- Fixed crash when accessing SnowMan in GUI.

- Fixed bug with autogenerating config files for mods.

- Added new golemDestroyBlocks option which controls whether or not Big Golems can break blocks.

- Added override for isCreatureOfType to MoCEntityAmbient.

v5.2.0 DEV

- Fixed bug with invisible ropes on goats.

- Fixed bug with fire and cave ogre spawn frequencies.

- Fixed bug when obtaining a white fairy horse.

- Big cats now check surrounding big cats and will try to spawn the same species.

- Bears will check spawning surroundings, if within 12 blocks of sugar canes, it will become a panda. If the biome where the bear is spawning has the word bamboo in its name, it will also be a panda.

- Bunnies and mice will always spawn white in "cold" biomes.

- Komodo dragons will not spawn near torches and can now spawn on sand (for those who want to add them to the desert biomes).

- Changed tall grass and leaves on the wyvern lair blocks.

- Improvements done for the wyvern dimension FPS.

- Wyverns will drop eggs on death even if they're not spawned in the wyvern lair.

- Mother wyverns spawn 5% of the time (up from 3%).

- Insects, scorpions and crabs now take damage from the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.

- Undead mobs now take damage from the Smite enchantment.

- Fixed bug with kitten textures.

- Crocodiles, Komodo dragons, sharks, and big cats won't attack players in Creative mode.

- Partial migration of entityID use, all non tamable creatures and new creatures now use an internal entity ID number instead of global IDs.

- Minecraft mobs now despawn on areas not illuminated by artificial lights instead of checking for nearby fences.

- Aquatic creatures now avoid 'block in wall damage'.

- Qstriches won't lay eggs if tamed.

- Maggots turn red when hit.

- Eggs notify players with chat messages when hatching, egg hatching time reduced.

- Custom key bindings disabled when chatting.

- Stingrays can be caught and tamed with a fish net.

- Manta rays can be tamed by riding them. Tamed manta rays can also be caught with a fish net.

- Crabs can be tamed by using a fish net on them.

- Added ants.

- Added raccoons.

- Added silver skeletons.

- Added mini golems.

- Added small fish.

- Added medium fish (cod, salmon and bass).

- Piranhas are now a separate mob.

- Added the fish net that can be used to capture and tame aquatic mobs.

- Fish can be hooked with the fishing rod.


- Updated to 1.5.2.

- Fixed CMS verboseConsole not being set.

- Fixed many more GUI bugs.

- Fixed inMenu check in MoCClientTickHandler.

- Fixed defaults not being used properly.

- Fixed issue preventing GUI from adding biomegroups for entities that had no entries.

- Fixed crash when using Reset to defaults.

- Fixed issue with CMS not detecting custom entities such as Project Zulu's.

- Fixed CMS bug with creatures spawning in homes.

- Fixed mobs not removing vanilla entries from all biomes when adding to CMS.

- Fixed duplicate entity names not being handled correctly by spawner.

- Fixed duplicate biomes not being handled correctly by spawner.

- Fixed entities not being removed from vanilla structures when disabling a specific type from spawning.

- Fixed possible NPE when calling CustomSpawner's RemoveCustomSpawn method.

- Fixed issue with entities not being removed from vanilla spawn lists when their biomegroups were empty and frequency set to 0.

- Fixed '/moc list entity biomegroups' command.

- Fixed '/moc help' command not displaying pages correctly.

- Fixed NPE's with MoC custom blocks.

- Fixed wyverns flying away after being tamed.

- Fixed potential NPE with MoCBlockGrass and MoCBlockTallGrass.

- Fixed mooshrooms spawning in non-mushroom biomes.

- Fixed mobs not spawning in BOP overridden vanilla biomes.

- Fixed pet names not enabled by default.

- Fixed ownership working in singleplayer when it shouldn't.

- Fixed certain default biomes being placed in wrong groups.

- Added better CMS debug output.

- Added debugCMS config option.

- Added disallowMonsterSpawnDuringDay config option/

- Added despawnLightLevel config option.

- Added checkAmbientLightLevel config option.

- Added CMS lightLevel check for hostile mobs.

- Added comment support to MoCProperty constructors.

- Added InstaSpawner support for all entities including custom.

- Added brand new configuration for entities, biomes, structures, and global settings.

- Added vanilla structure spawn support to CMS. All detected structures will be generated in config/MoCreatures/MoCStructures.cfg.

- Added Spigot's spawner optimizations to CMS.

- Added new config option 'lightLevel' which ignores sunlight and acts as a light threshold for whether or not to spawn a creature.

- Added new monsterSpawnRange config option.

- Added canSpawn option to all entities.

- Added missing BOP/XL biome entries to default config.

- Added support for unknown CreatureTypes.

- Added new spawntickrates for Ambients and WaterCreatures.

- Added new maxSpawnInChunk config option to all entities.

- Added CMS support for handling maxSpawnInChunks

- Added new Creature Type 'UNDEFINED'. This group will get assigned entities that CMS couldn't detect a creature type for.

- Added new teleport command '/moc tp entityId playername' which can transfer tamed pets from any dimension to their respective owners.

- Added new tamed command '/moc tamed playername' which lists currently loaded tamed pets of player with their total recorded tamed count.

- Added new tamedcount command '/moc tamedcount playername which displays current tamed count from player's dat file.

- Improved performance when updating settings via commands and GUI.

- Changed tall grass and leaves in the wyvern lair blocks.

- Improvements done for the wyvern dimension FPS.

- Removed default resource config files since they are no longer used.

- Removed default configs from resources. All configuration will now be generated on the fly.


- Fixed bug where crocodiles wouldn't attack players.

- Tamed animals will not attack other tamed animals.

- Mother wyverns now have a 1/3 chance to drop eggs instead of 1/10.

- Further adjustment of rider position on wyverns.

- Adjusted name of tier 2 wyverns.

- Finished crab animations.

- Added raw and cooked crab meat.

- Changed init creature settings, spawning eggs now check the environment to spawn the right subtype.

Snow variants will now spawn if biome temperature is less than 0.06 instead of checking the name of biome.

- Changed instaspawner code, it now adds all available creatures using a list.

- Fixed bug with missing Minecraft particles.


- Added new mobSpawnerTickRate.

- Adjusted CustomMobSpawner to use each entity's maxGroupCount instead of maxSpawnedInChunk. This fixes issue where world gen was spawning too many creatures and not following our configs.

- Fixed typo with commands.

- Fixed bug with spawn lists not properly clearing during initial world generation.

- Disabled DespawnVanilla option. This options is no longer required since all vanilla spawns are now handled by CMS.

- Updated default MoCProperties.cfg to include new mobSpawnTickRate and worldGenCreatureSpawning.

- Renamed spawnTickRate to animalSpawnTickRate.

- Added moths.

- Added maggots.

- Added crabs (pending animations).


- Fixed bug with nightmares when animate textures was set to off.

- Fixed bug when 'shearing' ostriches.

- Fixed another bug with Reset to Defaults.

- Fixed issue with config comments being removed after starting game.

- Fixed GUI duplication bug when issuing a command or resetting to defaults.

- Fixed static litter box and static kitty bed; particlefx not properly saving in GUI.

v5.1.2 - DEV version

- Added tier 2 wyverns.

Essences can be used on tamed mother wyverns to obtain the other tier 2 versions.

- Added new server command '/moc' which can adjust all options in MoCProperties.cfg without restarting.

- Added biomes in GUI will now be placed alphabetically.

- Added comments to config.

- Added new ogres.

- Added undead wyverns.

- Finished overhaul of ogres, replaced models, textures and AI.

- The spawn options for cave ogres and fire ogres is slightly different. New settings are added to the config: fire ogre chance (chance of spawning a fire ogre in the surface of the overworld) and cave ogre chance (chance of spawning a cave ogre if the Y position is less than 50).

- Increased wyvern size and speed.

- Fixed issue with creatures not spawning on custom blocks like the ones found in the Twilight forest dimension.

- Fixed In-Game GUI not closing/operating correctly(F9 is default).

- Fixed indent issues with configs.

- Fixed General Settings GUI option not saving correctly.

- Fixed Reset to Defaults GUI option not properly restoring all settings.

- Fixed male ostriches showing incorrect chest name.

- Biome Groups are now sorted in GUI.

- Removed legacy ogres.

- Removed duplicate biomes from default biome groups and cleaned up code.

- Removed timestamps from configs.

v5.1.1 - DEV version

- Added new entity spawn settings option in GUI.

Removed old frequency/min/group options.

- Added new biome group option in GUI.

- Added new biome group for Twilight Forest.

- Added partial animations for new ogre models.

- Added new undead wyvern obtained by giving an essence of undead to a tamed wyvern.

- Mounted wyverns now fly way faster.

- Improved armor tick code to reduce overhead.

- Fixed issue with MoCreatures not spawning in Twilight Forest.

- Fixed few bugs with saving certain options in GUI.

- Cleaned up debug log output.

v5.1.0a DEV

- Added roaches.

- Added new ogre models, pending animation and AI.

- Added builder hammer, the hammer places blocks far away, the blocks are taken from the player's belt inventory.

- Added staff of teleport.

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