Kitty Bed

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Kitty Bed
White Kitty Bed.pngBlue Kitty Bed.pngBrown Kitty Bed.pngCyan Kitty Bed.pngGray Kitty Bed.pngYellow Kitty Bed.pngBlack Kitty Bed.pngSilver Kitty Bed.pngRed Kitty Bed.pngPurple Kitty Bed.pngOrange Kitty Bed.pngPink Kitty Bed.pngMagenta Kitty Bed.pngLime Kitty Bed.pngLight Blue Kitty Bed.pngGreen Kitty Bed.png
White Kitty BedBlue Kitty BedBrown Kitty BedCyan Kitty BedGray Kitty BedYellow Kitty BedBlack Kitty BedSilver Kitty BedRed Kitty BedPurple Kitty BedOrange Kitty BedPink Kitty BedMagenta Kitty BedLime Kitty BedLight Blue Kitty BedGreen Kitty Bed







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A kitty bed is an item and entity used for kitties.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Kitty Bed Oak Wood Planks +
Iron Ingot +
Matching Wool

White Kitty BedOrange Kitty BedMagenta Kitty BedLight Blue Kitty BedYellow Kitty BedLime Kitty BedPink Kitty BedGray Kitty BedSilver Kitty BedCyan Kitty BedPurple Kitty BedBlue Kitty BedBrown Kitty BedGreen Kitty BedRed Kitty BedBlack Kitty Bed
Kitty Bed Kitty Bed +
Matching Dye
White Kitty Bed
White Kitty BedOrange Kitty BedMagenta Kitty BedLight Blue Kitty BedLime Kitty BedPink Kitty BedGray Kitty BedSilver Kitty BedCyan Kitty BedPurple Kitty BedBlue Kitty BedBrown Kitty BedGreen Kitty BedRed Kitty BedBlack Kitty Bed

Usage[edit | edit source]

Kitties[edit | edit source]

A kitty eating in a kitty bed.

A kitty bed is used for feeding kitties and for them to give birth after being bred. A tamed kitty will let the player know when it wants to use a kitty bed by showing emoticons. When the kitty is hungry, it will display a food dish icon, and if the kitty needs to give birth, a cat face emoticon with a painful expression will be shown. Kittens cannot use kitty beds.

To place a kitty bed, use it on any block, and then right-click again with either pet food or a milk bucket to fill the bowl attached to the bed. A kitty bed can be returned to the inventory by right-clicking on it with a pickaxe. A kitty bed can also be picked up with an empty hand, and it will go on top of your head. The bed can be taken off your head by sneaking.

Dyed kitty beds[edit | edit source]

The color of a kitty bed can be changed by using any dye color on it.

Data values[edit | edit source]

ID[edit | edit source]

Item Namespaced ID Numeric ID
White Kitty Bed kittybed_white 4096
Orange Kitty Bed kittybed_orange 4097
Magenta Kitty Bed kittybed_magenta 4098
Light Blue Kitty Bed kittybed_lightblue 4099
Yellow Kitty Bed kittybed_yellow 4100
Lime Kitty Bed kittybed_lime 4101
Pink Kitty Bed kittybed_pink 4102
Gray Kitty Bed kittybed_gray 4103
Silver Kitty Bed kittybed_silver 4104
Cyan Kitty Bed kittybed_cyan 4105
Purple Kitty Bed kittybed_purple 4106
Blue Kitty Bed kittybed_blue 4107
Brown Kitty Bed kittybed_brown 4108
Green Kitty Bed kittybed_green 4109
Red Kitty Bed kittybed_red 4110
Black Kitty Bed kittybed_black 4111

History[edit | edit source]


v12.0.2[edit | edit source]

- Added kitty beds to creative tab.

v10.0.1[edit | edit source]

- Fixed light blue kitty bed icon.

v8.1.3 and v8.2.2[edit | edit source]

- Fixed invisible kitty beds.

v8.0.1[edit | edit source]

- Fixed kitty bed icons and behavior.

v6.2.0 DEVR1 hotfix 2[edit | edit source]

- Fixed kitty bed crash.

v5.1.3[edit | edit source]

- Fixed static kitty bed; particlefx not properly saving in GUI.

v5.0.4[edit | edit source]

- Kitty beds no longer consume pet food if the food is already there.

v5.0.3[edit | edit source]

- Kitty beds and litter box can be picked up and thrown, render height fixed as well (please test SMP).

- Fixed texture error with kitty beds.

v4.0.3[edit | edit source]

- Fixed litter boxes and kitty beds placement.

v2.12.1[edit | edit source]

- Fixed bucket duplicating bug while pouring milk on kitty beds.

- You can now make kitty beds static by changing a setting in the in-game menu.

- Fixed bug with hunters attacking kitty beds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like litter boxes, kitty beds are invulnerable to damage.
  • It's possible to fill up a kitty bed with pet food or milk even if the kitty bed is on your head. You can also pick up the bed if a kitty is eating in it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]