Medium fish are tamable aquatic mobs. There are three variants: bass, cod, and salmon. Each variant has their own spawn egg.

Spawning Edit

Medium fish can be found oceans and rivers, regardless of light level.

Drops Edit

When killed, medium fish will drop 0–2 raw fish and 0–2 eggs of their type. They also drop 1–3 experience.

Behavior Edit

Like small fish (except piranhas), fishies, and manta rays, medium fish are always passive towards the player, even when hit. They swim around almost immediately when first spawned into the world and wander around aimlessly, swimming up and down through each layer. They are not attracted to light, and do not deliberately interact with the player, but they will swim away from the player when approached. They will also swim towards fishing rod hooks, and can be reeled in this way.

Medium fish suffocate if they are beached on land for too long. While on land, they do not move, and stay stationary until they suffocate. They can take fall damage and burn like any land mob, but they cannot drown.

Taming Edit

Medium fish can be tamed by catching them with a fish net, or by hatching one of their eggs in water. With a fish net, right-click on any medium fish, and the net will catch the fish, which will then appear in your inventory. After being released from a fish net, the naming screen will appear and the fish will be tamed. Eventually, tamed medium fish will grow up to be around 2 to 2.5 blocks long.

Medium fish can only be healed with a splash potion of Healing or Regeneration.

Variations Edit

Medium fish will spawn using one of three different skins. Skins include brown with a white underside and two dorsal fins (bass), brown with spots on the dorsal side (cod), and blue with visible spots (salmon).

Image Species

Egg IDsEdit

To get a fish egg, use the commands below. Keep in mind that these eggs are availabe in the creative inventory in Mo' Creatures versions for Minecraft 1.12 and 1.12.2.

Name Command
Salmon egg/give @p MoCreatures:mocegg 1 70
Cod egg/give @p MoCreatures:mocegg 1 71
Bass egggive @p MoCreatures:mocegg 1 72

 History Edit



- Fixed medium fish not hatching.

v10.0.1 Edit

- Medium fish were split into separate entities.


- Fixed medium fish not dropping the correct egg type.

v5.2.0 DEV Edit

- Added medium fish (cod, salmon, bass).

Trivia Edit

  • The models of medium fish are among the most realistic in Mo' Creatures.

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