Mo' Creatures Wiki

Thanks to Bloodshot and DrZhark, they have started an official Mo' Creatures server. To connect, you need to have Minecraft 1.10.2 and v10.0.6 of Mo' Creatures and Custom Mob Spawner. You can read more about it, as well as get help with everything mod related on their website

  • To download the needed versions click here.
  • The IP and online status of the server can be found here.
  • Forums for the server, which is regulated by the mods owners, can be found here.

Everyone is free to join.

Name IP Status Runs mod version Forge version
Mo' Creatures Community Online v10.0.6 Forge 1.10.2

Original Server (Mo' Creatures Community)[]

The Original Server is the server that is currently run by MTPetey. It was the official server about 2 years ago until the new official server came up. The original server is now known as "Mo' Creatures Community" and has more mods than the official one, including a mod made by one of their admins, DCM_rox, the Opals Plus mod.

Mo' Creatures Community is a popular server with 60 slots and a wild feel. With towns set up everywhere you are sure to find a place you love, or get your own homestead plot! Go to the Mo' Creatures Community Forums.