Ogre Lair Tall Grass
Display Ogre Lair Tall Grass

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Ogre Lair Tall Grass
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance 12
Tool Any tool
Renewable N/A
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Drops Itself

Ogre Lair tall grass is a non-solid plant that will generate in the Ogre Lair. In a future update, it will grow on Ogre Lair grass.


Ogre Lair tall grass can only be obtained in creative mode. When mined with an empty hand, it drops as an item. It can be harvested with any tool, but it will also drop as an item.

Water will destroy any Ogre Lair tall grass in its way.

Natural generation

Ogre Lair tall grass will generate on Ogre Lair grass blocks.


Light source

Ogre Lair tall grass emits a light level of 12, one of the brightest possible light levels in Minecraft.

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