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This mob may be released in a future version of Mo' Creatures.

The ogre princes are large boss mobs that are planned to be added in a future update.


Ogre Lair

The three ogre princes are set to spawn in the planned Ogre Lair dimension, along with ogres.[1]


In an upcoming update, the green ogre prince will drop a builder hammer, the fire ogre prince will drop a meat cleaver-like weapon, and the cave ogre prince will drop a teleport staff.


It is not known how ogre princes will react to the player's presence, but they will most likely be hostile. Due to their appearance, they may also have high attack damage. Since the blue ogre prince wields a teleport staff, it's possible it will either summon in ogres to attack the player, or teleport to the player to attack. Due to their sheer size, ogre princes are likely to be more destructive than ogres, and may also have a larger blast radius.


Like ogres, there are three types of ogre princes. They resemble stronger, wiser versions of their normal ogre counter part.

Image Type
Green Ogre Prince
Fire Ogre Prince
Cave Ogre Prince


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