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I was hard at work last night, and added a 'Pet Amulet' that is easier to craft and will allow users to safe keep their tamed pets for the transition to Mo'C v6. This new pet amulet will store any tamed pet except for the high tier horses that still require the special amulets, and the aquatic creatures that can be stored in a fish net.

A pet amulet is an item the player can use to store their pets. 



Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Pet Amulet Diamond +
Gold Nuggets

Pet Amulet


A pet amulet with a tamed panda inside.

A pet amulet can be used to keep a tamed mob stored for infinite use until it is released from the amulet again. If a pet amulet containing a stored mob is destroyed (e.g. thrown into lava or fire), the mob will be lost. To store a mob inside the amulet, use the amulet on it. The mob inside can be released by right-clicking again. Pet amulets do not work on aquatic mobs. Instead, a fish net can be used to catch them.

A pet amulet can also be given to another player. If the person opens the pet amulet that has been given to them by another player, they will receive ownership of that mob inside. However, this also allows players to take your pets without permission if they take the amulet from you, or if they steal them from a chest, so keep your amulets hidden if you can't risk to lose them.

Pet amulets can catch horses, but not special horses such as fairy horses. However, they still work on horses that cannot be caught with other amulets.

Pet amulets can store the following:

Data values[]


Item Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Pet Amulet amuletpet 4155
Pet Amulet amuletpetfull 4156




- Fixed pet amulets not spawning creatures.


- Fixed pet amulet bug.


- Fixed game crashing bug with PetAmulets.


- Fixed pet amulet glitch with mcMMO.

- Fixed pet amulet glitch with name tags.

v6.2.0 DEVR3[]

- Fixed pet amulets going empty when no pet spawns.

v6.1.0 DEVR1[]

- Fixed pet amulets on servers.

- Fixed pet amulets not working with kittens.

v6.0.0 DEV R3[]

- Fixed migrated pet amulets containing horses not spawning correctly in 1.6.

- Changed pet amulet to be stored into the player's inventory rather than dropping to the floor after capturing a pet.

v5.2.5 DEVR1[]

- Added pet super amulet to facilitate transition to MoCreatures v.6.

- Added name, type, owner to mouseover of new pet amulets.

- Added class name to amulet mouseover window.


  • DrZhark originally added pet amulets so players could move their animals from Minecraft 1.5.2 to 1.6.2. Without doing so, updating to 1.6.2 would have removed all of the tamed mobs in a player's world.
  • Pet amulets can store more creatures than all the other four amulets.
  • If an undead horse, unicorn or pegasus is released from a pet amulet, green particles will appear instead of the usual yellow particles, which show when a normal horse has been released from the amulet.
  • As with all items in Minecraft, you can use the middle-click button on your mouse to duplicate a pet amulet with a mob inside to duplicate your pets, if desired. Note that this only works in Creative mode.