Scroll of Reset Owner
Display Scroll of Reset Owner

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Scroll of Reset Owner
Type Manufactured items
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
First appearances See History

A scroll of reset owner is an item used to reset the ownership of a tamed mob.


The scroll of reset owner can only be used in creative mode, or with the /give command.


The scroll of reset owner is mainly useful for creative mode; when used on a mob, the scroll will 'clear' the owner of the creature when used. The tamed counter of that owner will then be reduced by one.

When a mob's owner has been reset, it will have no owner until it is renamed. There is a setting to enable/disable the scroll in the config file. OP's on servers have a separate taming limit, and such option can be changed in the config file.




- Added scroll of reset owner that can be used by OP's on servers

- Added setting to enable/disable said scroll through the config file.

- OP's have their separate taming limit. Added such option to the config file.

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