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Silver Skeleton
Silver Skeleton.png
Silver Skeleton Spawn Egg
Health points

25Heart.svg × 12.5



Attack strength

Easy: 2Heart.svg
Normal: 2Heart.svg
Hard: 5Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg


Light level of 7 or less and 1×2 space anywhere but transparent blocks (half blocks, glass, TNT etc).

Common drops

Bone (0–2)

Uncommon drops





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Namespaced ID


Silver skeletons are fast, undead hostile mobs equipped with silver swords.


Silver skeletons spawn almost anywhere in the Overworld at a light level of 7 or less.

Silver skeletons are at least 2 blocks tall.


Silver skeletons drop 0–2 bones and have an uncommon chance to drop 0–2 silver swords upon death.  

They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or a tamed wolf.


Silver skeletons spawn in dimly lit areas, and will burn in sunlight. When silver skeletons are nearby, their presence is indicated by the intermittent harsh rattling sound of their bones.

Like zombies and skeletons, silver skeletons will mount any nearby manticore, wild wolf, scorpion or horsemob.

Silver skeletons are undead mobs, and will take damage from splash potions of Healing, are healed with Harming potions, and are immune to poison. They burn at dawn when the sun is 15 degrees or greater above the ground, unless the skeleton is either in shade or water.

Upon noticing the player, a silver skeleton's speed will significantly increase at a pace faster than that of the player's walking speed. They use their silver swords to attack the player.

They are one of the few mobs with the ability to sprint, much like the player and zombie pigmen. They will climb stairs, navigate mazes, and traverse other complex obstacles in order to get to the player. Silver skeletons do not try to avoid being hit, though they will retaliate when hit by another hostile mob, such as when a skeleton shoots it when they are aiming for the player.

Silver skeletons, like other hostile mobs, are also able to climb ladders, but only when forced to, as their AI does not handle ladders in a special way.



v8.0.0 DEVa[]

- Silver skeletons can now ride wolves and scorpions.

v5.2.0 DEV[]

- Added silver skeletons.


  • Killing a silver skeleton unlocks the "Monster Hunter" achievement, just like any other hostile mob.
  • Silver skeletons wear a type of 'armor' for their model, but it doesn't actually give them protection. It cannot be obtained by the player, nor is it an actual item. The texture for this armor can be found in the mod files.
  • Silver skeletons can run as fast as wither skeletons when in pursuit of the player.