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  • 09:25, 5 August 2022Pillager (hist | edit) ‎[25,127 bytes] (talk) (Created page with "{{About|the hostile mob in Minecraft|the hostile mob in Minecraft Dungeons|MCD:Pillager|the armored variant in Minecraft Dungeons|MCD:Elite Pillager}} {{distinguish|Villager|Vindicator|Illager}} {{See also|Raid captain}} {{more images| *Make the crossbow in "Pillager Aiming with Crossbow BE.png" bigger than JE. }} {{Entity | image = Pillager JE3.png;Pillager Aiming with Crossbow JE.png | image2 = Pillager BE1.png;Pillager_Aiming_with_Crossbow BE.png | imagesize = x272px...")
  • 09:23, 5 August 2022Ancient City (hist | edit) ‎[96 bytes] (talk) (Created page with "{{many images}} {{Structure | image = Ancient City SE.png | imagesize = x165px | biome = {{BiomeLink|Deep dark}} | blocks = * See {{slink||Blocks}} }} An '''ancient city''' is a palatial structure found in deep dark biomes at layer -51, harboring chests containing some items that cannot be found anywhere else. == Structure == === Environment aesthetics === An ancient city features a very large palace that stretches throughout a...")
  • 09:21, 5 August 2022Warden (hist | edit) ‎[100 bytes] (talk) (Created page with "{{About|the hostile mob in Minecraft|the unseen illager in Minecraft Dungeons|MCD:Warden|the ancient mob in Minecraft Dungeons|MCD:Frostwarden|the character in Minecraft: Story Mode|Minecraft Story Mode:The Warden}} {{Entity |image=Warden.gif |invimage=Warden Spawn Egg |health={{hp|500}} |behavior=Hostile |damage='''Melee:'''<br>Easy: {{hp|16}}<br>Normal: {{hp|30}}<br>Hard: {{hp|45}}<br> '''Ranged:'''<br>Easy: {{hp|6}}<br>Normal: {{hp|10}}<br>Hard...")