Sugar Lump
Display Sugar Lump

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Sugar Lump
Type Food
Durability N/A
Restores 2 (2food)
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (32)
First appearances See History

Sugar lumps are a food item that can be eaten by the player.

Obtaining Edit


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Sugar Lump





Sugar Lump

Usage Edit

Food Edit

Sugar lumps can be eaten by the player to restore 2 (2food) hunger and 3.6 hunger saturation.

Horses Edit

Sugar lumps can be used to make the taming of horses easier, since it reduces their temper. Giving one to a foal will make it grow slightly each time.

Elephants/mammoths Edit

Sugar lumps are also used for taming elephant or mammoth calves; ten lumps are required to tame one.

Other mobs Edit

Sugar lumps can also be given to raccoons or goats to tame and heal them, since they can be given any edible item.

 History Edit


v5.0.3 Edit

- Sugar lumps now behave as a food item.

v2.5.3 Edit

- Added sugar lumps, a stackable food crafted from 4 pieces of sugar. It heals you and also helps you tame your horse. It's effectivity is between hay and bread to help you tame your horse.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike hay stacks, sugar lumps cannot be crafted back into sugar.
  • Sugar lumps share the same crafting recipe as sugar blocks from CandyCraft.
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