Teleport Staff
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Grid layout None (small)
Grid Teleport Staff
Type Tools
Durability 128
Renewable No
Stackable No
First appearances See History
Sounds Teleport

This page contains content on features that may be included in a future update.
These features are currently in the mod, but may be part of a future update.
"Staff of teleport, that has about 100 charges and transports the player to the farthest (well, I limited it to 128 cubes) empty cube seen in the view reticle. Awesome to use, quite fun to teleport to hills, and sometimes even dangerous."

The teleport staff is a tool which can be used to teleport the player anywhere desired within a limited range.


The teleport staff functions mostly as a creative mode item. It cannot be obtained in survival mode, nor cannot it be crafted. In a future update, the staff will obtainable as a drop from one of the ogre bosses in the upcoming Ogre Lair dimension.


To use the teleport staff, press right-click on a solid block, and the player character will teleport to the desired location, consuming durability of the staff (if the player is in Survival or Adventure mode).

The staff has a maximum range of 128 blocks, and can transport the player to the farthest cube seen in the view reticle.

It is similar to an ender pearl, except the teleport is instantaneous because no projectile is thrown and the player does not receive any damage from doing so. Also, there is no cooldown because the staff can be used again. After the player has been teleported, purple particles will appear from the staff.



v5.1.0a DEV

- Added teleport staff.


  • Like ender pearls, the staff can be used to teleport/move through both solid and non-solid blocks by pressing against the blocks and using the staff until the player goes through.


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