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  • I live in Neverland
  • I was born on February 26
  • I am Female(:
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Uh oh.

My world seems to be crashing every time i open it now. It was working, crashed, and now it crashes when ever i open it. And i think it is because of the Kitties :c Will either try whatever i can to fix it or ill have to start over :c

A Better Look.

2014-06-13 20.30.03

My own Personal Wyvern Lair.

As you can see here, It is my own Personal Wyver Lair. A Better look at it, kind of. My Wyverns Wonder around now on the grass from their beloved Realm. You can kind of see some of them. I have all the eggs, but not all are hatched, because the Arctic, Cave, Mountain, and Sea ones are kind of glitching and wont hatch >:(!!!

Getting There.

2014-06-13 22.50.53

The personal Wyvern Lair, Dragon cave, and Horse pen :P

Oh lookie.... The Personal Wyvern Lair, Like a BIG TANK! along side the Dragon cave, (Which have Dragons in it, which come from the Dragon Mount Mod, which you can see my blue one laying in a pen :P) And also, The horse pen, which has our beloved horses we all love so much!


I love gaming and Minecraft is one of my favorite games to play, love the whole concept, but it tended be so... repetitive and got boring...

but I absolutely love the Mo'creatures Mod. I Play it almost everyday, and hardly ever play Minecraft normally, for it isn't nearly as fun! I also use the Dragon Mount Mod, Which doesn't add a whole lot of n 

ew things, but it adds dragons and adds to the world of creatures! I tend to post some stuff on here about my world and what i've gotten done on it, because its exciting and everybody loves to share exciting things! 

So I think ill keep doing that, Cause it adds more stuff to do and i like to share(:

You can Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: BearyfulFilly


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