Gotta Love Them Wyverns,

2014-06-13 20.30.03

My own Personal Wyvern Lair.

I created my own personal Wyvern Lair(: They are in kind of like a giant tank now, Took awhile, but now they can walk around and fly freely without leads or always having to sit down! They are much Happier. I'm really looking forward to the other Wyverns not being glitched out for so many of us. I really would love to have the Arctic and Cave Wyverns!! As well as the Sea and mountain ones of course.... But It sucks that they aren't working right now.. at least for some of us! Don't know how many are also going through this? But me and some friends are! Where the Sea, Arctic, Cave, and mountain Wyvern eggs wont actually hatch, just act like they are then disappear! Hope Its just a glitch that can be fixed!

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