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    My Zoo

    September 9, 2016 by Diszxchat

    This is my Mo Creatures zoo map (Right now it's work on development) and it may not look like a zoo at a moment but you will like it.

    Reworking on a new Zoo!

    First of all, my zoo entrance will be totally different! I want something different instead of the classic ones where the ticket counter is always in the front.

    I decided to find it and found what I always looking for.

    The zoo entrance is not done yet but I give a glimpse sneak peak of a gift shop. Please note that the gift shop will changed. Now, another sneak peak! (Look below)

    As development progress, each concepts are released by texts.

    First, yet to be finished place. Originally, the zoo entrance is supposed to be somewhat classic ticket counter entrance you enter in. This idea was soo…

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    Please go to this page to check out my new map:

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    The blog you see is not 100% complete. 75% out of 100% is done.

    • It works on passive and ambient mobs only. It doesn't work with hostile mobs.
    • Some mobs, like crocodiles, are passive but do not have the name tag because the name tag was not added into their coding.
    • Others have name tags but could not be put into the pet amulet because their the same as passive non-tamable.
    • This is my only project I want to do so far. May do on other mods (maybe).

    If most of you do not know what NBTEdit is. It's basically an editor that you can use to edit the properties of blocks and entities, including mobs.


    Z.I.P download: https:…

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    Why can't jellyfish on the 2nd row, last three and on 4th row spawn? It has to be a bug or, nobody notices this bug at all. Possible spawning would be an ID which apparently I have no idea what the ID is for different types (or not because they all are same IDs).

    Here's the image which I was talking about, shown to the right.

    You can't get these types:

    • Light orange circle like a sun on top.
    • Yellow speckled and blue transparent.
    • White transparent.
    • Purple transparent.
    • Orange transparent.
    • Red transparent.
    • Blue transparent.

    Sadly, you can't spawn them with the jellyfish spawn egg. It's like you will NEVER get all of the collection of jellyfish. D:

    If there is a way, i would be glad or is because that the other jellyfish were not put in the spawn.

    Go to th…

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