Why can't jellyfish on the 2nd row, last three and on 4th row spawn? It has to be a bug or, nobody notices this bug at all. Possible spawning would be an ID which apparently I have no idea what the ID is for different types (or not because they all are same IDs).

Here's the image which I was talking about, shown to the right.

How to get these types of Jellyfish (shown in black).

You can't get these types:

  • Light orange circle like a sun on top.
  • Yellow speckled and blue transparent.
  • White transparent.
  • Purple transparent.
  • Orange transparent.
  • Red transparent.
  • Blue transparent.

Sadly, you can't spawn them with the jellyfish spawn egg. It's like you will NEVER get all of the collection of jellyfish. D:

If there is a way, i would be glad or is because that the other jellyfish were not put in the spawn.

Go to this link to get the unobtainable jellyfish: http://mocreatures.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Diszxchat/NBTEdit:_Make_any_animals_tammable(UPDATE_in_10/16/2015_afternoon)


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