As some of you might have noticed, I have begun cleaning up the wiki, by marking a lot of pages for deletion.

It might seem like some of those pages was filled with useful information, but I promiseI only remove pages that are eiter empty, contains irrelevant info, or have another page that is better than them already.

There are lots of pages on here (about 400 or more) containing nothing at all. and I intend to mark them all as what they are. Garbage.

I'm sorry if I make it difficult for some of you by removing the automatical redirections from empty pages, to filled ones, but then again, if they are to be deleted, it soon won't matter.

I know that doing this will make the whole wiki seem more messy for some time, but I hope that by deleting all those pages, it will actually become a much better site in the long run.

If some of the more frequent users tend to disagree with what I'm doing now, I would like to hear about it, but I honestly doubt that we need 10 pages for each mob or item on the wiki. Example:

  1. Black_Pegasi
  2. Black_Pegasus
  3. Black_Pegusus
  4. Black_Pegusie
  5. Black_Pegasuses
  6. Black_pegasi
  7. Black_pegasis
  8. Black_pegasus
  9. Black_peguses
  10. Dark_pegasus
  11. The actual page
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