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Grid layout None (small)
Grid Whip
Durability 24
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
First appearances See History
Sounds Whipcrack

The whip is a tool that can be used to prevent mobs from moving.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Leather +
BigCat Claw +
Iron Ingot

BigCat Claw


BigCat Claw


BigCat Claw


Iron Ingot



New tiger sitting

A tamed tiger sitting after a whip was used on it.

When the whip is used on top of an opaque block, fire particles will come out of the block, and the whip will make a 'whip-crack' sound. A whip has 24 uses, and each use on the ground will consume durability. Any tamed mobs within at least a 10 block radius where the whip was used will automatically sit.

Whipping the ground around a mob that is sitting will resume movement, and vice versa. Because this will affect multiple mobs with one use, it makes it a much more efficient way to manage groups.

If a whip is used near a tamed big cat, bear, kitty, manticore, scorpion or wyvern, it will sit. If used on a tamed horse or ostrich, it will lower its head. Mobs cannot be ridden if a whip is in the player's hand.

When a whip is used when riding a nightmare, it will light the ground on fire for a short period of time. If a whip is used on a horse when being ridden, it will speed up for a short amount of time. If used on a unicorn, it will gain the ability to charge and ram at mobs. This lasts for about 10 seconds, afterwards the unicorn will move slowly as it recharges.

A whip can be used on a tamed ostrich whilst riding it to give it a short speed boost. Using it on a light ostrich allows it to ram at mobs in a similar manner to a unicorn.

Both elephants and mammoths will also gain a short speed boost after a whip is used whilst riding it. Like unicorns, elephants and mammoths can ram mobs and players with their tusks.

Since whips are made from bigcat claws, if a whip is used near a wild big cat, it will attack you.


A whip can receive the following enchantments, but only through an anvil:

  • Unbreaking
  • Mending



v8.1.3 and 8.2.2

- Tamed bears can be commanded to sit with the whip.


- Wyverns 'stay' when using a whip near them, or right-clicking on one when holding a whip.


- Fixed whip.


- Increased durability of the whip from 16 to 24.


- Added a crafting recipe for the whip.

- Added whips.


  • To conserve the whip, you can mount and dismount the stationary mob instead of using the whip on it, or you can use a lead.


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