Wyvern Lair Tall Grass
Display Wyvern Lair Tall Grass.png

Grid layout None (small).png
Grid Wyvern Lair Tall Grass.png
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Tool Any tool
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Drops Itself

Wyvern Lair tall grass is a non-solid plant that generates in the Wyvern Lair. It grows on Wyvern Lair grass blocks.


When broken normally, it will drop as an item. They do not drop seeds, unlike tall grass.

Water will destroy any Wyvern Lair tall grass in its way.

It can be placed on both grass blocks and Wyvern Lair grass blocks

Natural generation

Wyvern Lair tall grass generates on Wyvern Lair grass in the Wyvern Lair. Unlike tall grass, Wyvern Lair tall grass cannot be sheared.


Wyvern Lair tall grass doesn't have much of a use, except for decoration.

Light source

Wyvern Lair tall grass emits a light level of 12, one of the brightest possible light levels in Minecraft.



v5.2.0 DEV

- Changed tall grass and leaves on the wyvern lair blocks.


- Wyvern Lair tall grass is no longer shearable.


  • If Wyvern Lair tall grass is placed next to each other on Minecraft grass, it will drop as an item.


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